A space monster brought to Earth by the Specter Phantom Alien Ghose as part of their invasion. Pandon has two heads, attacks with powerful flamethrowers it spews from both mouths, and is also adept at physical combat by utilizing its super strength and agile movements.

Pandon was flown to Earth after it boarded the special Alien Ghose spacecraft, the Pandon Carrier. It faced off against the Ultra Guard and pushed them back with its flamethrowers. Then just as it was about to drop a boulder on the Ultra Guard’s heads, Dan Moroboshi transformed into Ultraseven to intervene and engaged it in combat.

Ultraseven was fatigued and unable to use his full strength so Pandon was able to dominate him with kicks and punches, but when an attack from Ultra Hawk No 3 distracted it, Ultraseven used the opportunity to defeat it by severing off its left arm and right leg with his Eye Slugger.

After Pandon was defeated, Alien Ghose recovered its body and substituted its missing body parts with machinery, giving birth to Reconstructed Pandon.


Alias: Twin-headed Monster
Height: 40m
Weight: 15,000t

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