[Event Report] Let’s go and see Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu! Live show, “ULTRAMAN R/B Show” opens in Thailand!

Feb.27, 2020



Every year, the very popular Ultraman Action Show is held all over Thailand.

This year, ULTRAMAN R/B now airing on MCOT is finally in Thailand!


In this article, we would like to give you a sneak peek of the event held at Central Plaza Nakhon Ratchasima on January 10th (Fri) – January 12th (Sun).


A mystical decoration and a huge Ultraman Zero will greet you at the entrance.



Is it the light of Planet O-50?!



Zero! The brother of the New Generation Heroes!


Inside the event, minigames and special booths are available for fun in addition to the live show.







Let’s prepare for the event with the Thailand limited Ultraman souvenirs!




It’s now Show Time!!!



An intense battle scene from the beginning of the show!



A shadow sneaking up on the brothers Rosso and Blu.

Who must it be…?!



And now Kyuranos!! He was alive in Thailand!!

Rosso and Blu will fight against the evil Kaiju!



What?! We’re all the way in Thailand and fighting?!



How are we going to get through this crisis??





…oops! We can only report to you until here!

We need all your cheering and support to help the Ultraman in crisis!

Let’s fight with them at the show.


“ULTRAMAN R/B Show” is now touring all around Thailand in 2020.

A meet and greet (along with photoshoots) with Ultraman Rosso and Blu will also be held.

Please stay tuned as we give you more information and updates on our website for the event!


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