Ultraman Ace releases on the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel, celebrating its 50th anniversary!

Apr.07, 2022

YouTube Information

April 7th 1972 was in the golden era of the “Henshin” (transforming) heroes, and on this day a new Ultra was born. With strikingly unique appearance compared to previous Ultraman, a combined transformation requiring two hosts, and an evil figure from an alternative dimension, the series was born from various courageous innovations and is loved even today.
As the series celebrates 50 years since its first broadcast, we’d like to share that same wonder and amazement one more time with our fans overseas. Starting today, every week we will be running a special program allowing you to experience that very same feeling.

Episode 1 starts today, April 7th, and episode 2 and onwards will be released every Friday at 7pm (Japan Standard Time).
 ※The ULTRAMAN episodes released since last July will be removed at the end of April. We hope you’ll take the time to watch them all and enjoy the Ultraman series’ 55th anniversary.

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