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Alien Z-TON, who attempted to invade the Earth, was shot by Hayata (Ultraman) who is a member of the SSSP(Science Special Search Party). Following its vanishment with the last gasp of screaming “Z-TOOOON,” Space Dinosaur “ZETTON” emerged out of the large mother vessel.
It has a dark armor-like body, two horns on the head, and a carapace that resembles a white‐spotted longicorn beetle.

It also produces the sound that combines the low-pitched voice of “Z-TOOOON, Z-T OOOON” and the electronic voice of “Pipopopopopo.”
In the battle with Ultraman, ZETTON overwhelmed Ultraman with its ability to teleport and produce electromagnetic barriers to protect itself from Ultraman’s “Ultra Slash” which is capable of tearing the enemies to pieces. At the end, it successfully defeated Ultraman by converting the “Spacium Beam” into wavy beams.
Nevertheless, right after the defeat of Ultraman, Arashi, who is a member of SSSP, shot a prototype pencil bomb called “zero gravity- bomb”, which was created by Dr.Iwamoto, to ZETTON and defeat it.
(This story is from “Ultraman”)

Space Dinosaur Zetton