Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy (2020)

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy  (2020)


Released: 2020
Character Appearance:

Ultraman Zero

Ultraman Ribut

Ultraman Belial (Early Style)

Ultraman Tregear (Early Style)

Absolute Tartarus

Ultraman Max

Ultraman Xenon

Ultraman Mebius

Ultraman 80


Ultraman Taro


Ultraman Hikari

Ultraman Great

Ultraman Powered

Ultraman Neos

Ultraseven 21

Ultraman Cosmos

Ultraman Justice

Ultraman Legend

Ultraman Ken (Father of Ultra)

Ultrawoman Marie (Mother of Ultra)

Ultraman Z (Zett)

Ultraman Taiga

Ultraman Titus

Ultraman Fuma

Ultraman Joneus

Andro Melos



Number of episodes: 10 episodes
Average Duration of episodes: 10 mins
Mysterious aliens and evil monsters that shouldn’t exist are at tacking! Zero, Ribut, Taiga, Z (Zett), 80, Max, Mebius, Great, Powered, Grigio, and many more Ultra Heroes fight together to solve this mysterious case, which could end up affecting the whole universe. However, this is only the beginning! A conspiracy is underway – and stories are intersecting. What is the aim of the golden giant working in the shadows?! A new history of Ultra begins!

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