To Deliver the Importance of “Courage”, “Hope” and “Kind-ness” to the People Around the World

“To spark viewers' imaginations, provide hope for the future, and cultivate kindness in young viewers' hearts” was the wish of our company’s founder, Eiji Tsuburaya.

His words strongly express his passion and attitude toward both creating a world which no one has ever seen, as well as delivering warmth and kindness through his creation to all viewers. Inheriting his desire, we post “Tsuburaya Productions is a global entertainment company providing content, products and services full of creativity and innovation to people around the world” as our cooperate vision, and we shall endeavor to fulfill this commitment.

Our goal is to build a brand that would fascinate viewers, not only by our enthralling Ultraman and Kaiju characters, but also to cultivate, enjoy and acknowledge the virtues of “Courage”, “Hope”, and “Kindness”.

Takayuki Tsukagoshi

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