Anime ULTRAMAN Final Season

Anime ULTRAMAN Final Season


Released: 2023
Character Appearance:

Shinjiro Hayata / ULTRAMAN

Number of episodes: 12 episodes
Average Duration of episodes: 25 mins
Long ago, “the battle” spelled the end for Ultraman.

Shinjiro (ULTRAMAN) who saw the scene play out in a nightmare begins to realize he can no longer keep his abilities under control and struggles to contain them. His power is unleashed beyond his control, the city is destroyed, and people are hurt.

Society begins to call Ultraman a “disaster of mankind” and the hero becomes a target for condemnation. Unable to transform and on the run, the SSSP issues a chilling order. “All SSSP members are to bring Ultraman (Shinjiro) under arrest!” Shinjiro, alone and having lost everything, finds himself in the middle of a maelstrom of fate!

In the shadows of the confusion, an ominous alien force moves in secret! As the heroes who inherited the light are buried behind the scenes, a time of “new awakening” comes to Shinjiro. Will the awakening herald good news for humanity, or signal its downfall? And Shinjiro stands face-to-face with a fateful enemy?! The answers to all the mysteries can be found in “the battle” where Ultraman perished years ago...

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