Alien Bado

An alien that claimed to be the “Space Emperor” and planned to eradicate all Earthlings.

Three Alien Bado flew to Earth to launch their attack, but one of their spacecraft was shot down by Project Blue, an experimental terrestrial barrier system set around the Earth’s atmosphere. Deciding the system must not be completed, Alien Bado attempted to destroy the device’s apparatus installed at the moon base, but was foiled by the Ultra Guard, and then decided to change their strategy when the details of their plan were stolen. They connected the base and the home of Miyabe, the system’s inventor, through a special rift and captured him, but kidnaped his wife Grace instead when Miyabe refused to talk.

Just then Dan Moroboshi appears and shoots two Alien Bado with his Ultra Gun. The remaining Alien Bado planted a planet-destroying time bomb and attempted to escape in its spacecraft but Ultraseven appeared to prevent it from escaping. The last Alien Bado transformed into its giant form and they began to fight. The two engage in fierce hand-to-hand combat but Alien Bado meets his end after Ultraseven throws it far through the air.


Alias: Space Emperor
Height: 2 - 40m
Weight: 80kg to 5000t

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