Alien Pegassa

An extremely intelligent Alien that lived in Pegassa City that exists in a section in space. Alien Pegassa can use its Dark Zone to create a shadow and hide inside of it.

Alien Pegassa infiltrated the Earth in an attempt to avoid Pegassa City from colliding with Earth but was severely injured in the journey and hid inside Anne’s room in the Terrestrial Defense Force’s Far East base. Alien Pegassa tried to wait inside its Dark Zone and recover, but Anne noticed its presence. When Dan and the other Ultra Guard members rushed over, it explained why it came to Earth and stayed hidden in her room.

Although Alien Pegassa initially engaged in friendly relations when talking with the Ultra Guard, it soon learned from talking with them that Earth did not have the scientific capabilities necessary to alter the Earth’s trajectory at will. Alien Pegassa shared with Anne that it had to destroy the Earth and warned her and Dan to escape. Alien Pegassa made its way outside the base and fired a bomb towards the Earth’s core.

Dan caught up to it and when he told Alien Pegassa that Pegassa city had been destroyed by an Ultra Guard attack it went into a frenzied rage. Dan transformed into Ultra Seven and Alien Pegassa attacked him with its Dark Gun, but Ultraseven dodged and countered with his Eye Slugger. Alien Pegassa was last seen fleeing into the night.


Alias: Wandering Alien
Height: 2m
Weight: 120kg

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