A variety of subterranean Kaiju that feeds on Uranium-235 and fires a Uranium Beam from its mouth to attack.

After the Izu Peninsula was damaged by Typhoon 13, Gabora came above ground at the national highway restoration site located near uUranium mines in Unari Ttown. It attacked the town and then began heading towards the uranium storage facility in neighboring Abe Ttown. The SSSP and Self Defense Force heold a joint defensive line and attacked Gabora with flamethrowers, at which point it changeds direction and beganins heading for a scout troop camp facility.

Hayata pilots a helicopter loaded with a uranium capsule to lead Gabora 30km away from the camp to the mountains and save the children, only for Gabora to crash down the helicopter with its front legs. Ultraman arrives on the scene for a fierce battle against Gabora where our hero tears off its dorsal fins and throws Gabora aside after which it takes its last breath.


Also known as: the Uranium Monster
Height: 50m
Weight: 25,000t

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