An aquatic kaiju that has a sharp tail and arm fins, and an illicium on his forehead that emits light like a lantern. It is feared and referred to as the 'Gedos the sea monster' by fishermen.

Records of Gedos' appearances can be found in ancient text from the mid-Edo period, where it is mentioned that it would devour most of the fish near the coast and then proceed to completely consume the town's food supplies upon coming ashore.

Gedos attacked a civilian container ship in the waters 30 miles south of Shichijojima Island and effortlessly overcame the GGF’s fleet. Traveling at a speed of 80 knots, it made its way to the mainland and landed in the harbor area. As it advanced inland, destroying ships and buildings, it sought to satisfy its hunger by consuming processed fish products and raw fish at processing plants. After landing, Gedos starts emitting high temperatures from the holes on its back. This is a heat dissipation mechanism to regulate its body temperature. The SKaRD execute a tactic to induce a thermal runaway by blocking Gedos' heat vents.

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Alias: The Abyssal Kaiju
Height: 50 meters
Weight: 20,000 tons

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