The Kaiju form of the astronaut Jamila, who was left drifting through space after an accident. Arriving on an inhospitable planet without air or water, he was deformed into a Kaiju. His Kaiju form is resistant to fire and shoots a high-temperature flamethrower from its mouth.

Jamila was originally the pilot of a “one-man satellite” launched during the Space Race of the Cold War. After his satellite had an accident in space, his home country feared international scrutiny , hid the truth behind his fate, and decided not to hold any search and rescue missions. The anger Jamila felt being left for dead turned its heart to seek vengeance and led to its general hatred for all mankind. After repairing the damaged satellite and flying back to Earth, Jamila disrupted an International Peace Conference held in Tokyo by using its aircraft to destroy the planes and boats.

The SSSP later attacked Jamila’s spaceship and forced it to the ground where Jamila ran to hide itself in the nearby forest. The following day Jamila used its flamethrower to burn down a village and once again, headed towards the conference, but was defeated when the SSSP used an artificial rain bullet to stun it so that Ultraman could finish it off with his Ultra Water Stream.


Also known as: the Planet-dwelling Monster
Height: 50m
Weight: 10,000t

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