A monster that lives near the crater on Mt. Odake, it is thought to be the first primitive amphibian. Kemular’s shell can be freely opened and closed, using poison gas attacks spewed from its mouth, and a destructive beam fired from its tail.

Akiko heads to Mt. Odake with the SSSP where they discover that Kemular’s poisonous gas is behind the strange reports of dead birds around the mountain’s summit, being knocked out by the gas themselves. Kemular then appears before the other SSSP members that come in search of Akiko. Kemular emerges from the mountain crater it was hiding in and begins heading to Otake city in the nearby mountainside. It uses poison gas attacks and destructive beams to disperse the Defense Force’s mobile armor unit, and Kemular begins attacking the city causing havoc.

Hayata manages to hit Kemular with a Napalm bomb dropped from his Jet VTOL but Kemular’s shell negates the attack, and it counter-strikes the aircraft. Ultraman appears and fires his Spacium Beam. While the shell blocks this attack too, Kemular is defeated when the SSSP lands a hit on Kemular’s weak spot on its back with their new weapon engineered by Ide, the Mad Bazooka.


Also known as: the Poison Gas Monster
Height: 35m
Weight: 10,000t

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