A monster mentioned in the “legend of destruction” that has been told since ancient times, and flew to Earth from space to eradicate humanity. Kilazee attacks enemies by firing beams from its eyes, lasers from its hands, and spewing flames from its mouth.

The UGM fired nukes into space at Kilazee, but the monster absorbed them and flew down to Earth. Kilazee burned several buildings to a crisp and then attacked the UMA’s Saltops 2 and 3 with beams.

Later, Kilazee joined the Legendary Deep-Sea Monster Kodalar that appeared on the coastline, and the two monsters faced off against Ultraman Great. Kilazee overpowered Great with laser beams and flame attacks, but Great found an opening to attack the monster’s neck with his Double Great Slicer, and then finished Kilazee off with a Knuckle Shooter attack to the head. Great then carries the monster’s body off into space.


Alias: Legendary Space Monster
Height: 120m
Weight 82,000t

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