A combat form of the Astral Lifeform Kyriel that turned into a giant to face Ultraman Tiga. The Kyriel had hidden themselves on Earth since ancient times. Kyrieloid refers to itself as a “ manifestation of the Kyriel’s anger”. Kyrieloid aimed to “purify” human civilization with sacred fire and rebuild the Earth anew.

Kyrieloid manifests through blue flames. It operated at human size by using the form of Mituo Itahashi. Kyrieloid then approached GUTS Captain Iruma, who believed that Tiga was humanity’s ally and demanded he “as a representative of Earth, show your respect to the Kyriel People”. Then, Kyrieloid warned GUTS that its “sacred fire would burn away impurity” and exploded several buildings to demonstrate his strength.

After changing into giant form, Kyrieloid overpowered Tiga with superior strength and agile movements, damaging the Ultra with his martial prowess and scorching flames. Tiga regained the advantage by using his Tiga Freezer ability, and Kyrieloid was defeated after being hit by Tiga’s Zeperion Beam.


Alias: The Infernal Warrior
Height: 52 meters
Weight: 42,000 tons

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