A monster that draws energy from absorbing noise pollution and sound waves. Noiseler flies around at Mach 5 in search of its favorite sounds and attacks by firing beams from its eyes.

Noiseler was first sighted shooting down a large commercial aircraft flying over the Alps, and then went on to attack a Bullet Train after being drawn to its sound. UGM attacked with their Sky Higher and Silver Gull, but Noiseler used its radar hearing to dodge with ease. The UGM initiated “Operation Silent” and coordinated all noise to stop throughout Tokyo, which made Noiseler stop moving and fall asleep.

UGM Officer Tajimi rode on a hot-air balloon that emitted no engine noise and approached Noiseler to fire at the monster. However, Takeshi’s students began rehearsing in a vacant lot. Noiseler was woken up by the sound of the electric guitar and resumed its rampage.

Takeshi transformed into Ultraman 80 and fought Noiseler. The monster’s super strength allowed it to gain the upper hand against 80, but Noiseler suddenly lost all will to fight once it heard 80’s color timer start flashing, so 80 calmly led Noiseler back into space.


Alias: Noise Monster
Height: 60m
Weight: 40,000t

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