Super Gudis

After Gudis was defeated by Ultraman Great and reduced to the cellular level, the separate Gudis Cells gathered on Earth in one place and reformed as Super Gudis. Bigger and more powerful than the original, Super Gudis fires beams from both eyes, attacks with its tentacles, and can manipulate things with psychokinesis.

The Gudis Cells spread throughout Earth merged underground below the Australian outback. They caused a volcano to erupt and began absorbing the heat energy. Once discovered by the UMA, the cells used the magma to destroy the air force fighter jets deployed to stop them.

Once the cells stockpiled enough energy, Super Gudis emerged from the volcano. Ultraman Great arrived to fight Super Gudis, but the evil life form deflected all of the Ultras attacks. Then, Gudis trapped Great in an energy sphere and absorbed the Ultra into its body. However, when Super Gudis let down its guard, Great changed into a giant form that exploded Gudis from the inside, finally killing it.


Alias: Evil Life Form
Height: 107m
Weight: 346,000t

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