A Kaiju that develops a natural resistance to any attack it receives by altering its inherent physical attributes.

While remaining out of sight, Zaragas blinded bystanders in a city center by releasing flashes of light from the sky. Several days later it appeared from the ground near a children’s community center while the SSSP were out on patrol. Two Jet VTOL aircraft are deployed to attack Zaragas and in response to the attacks, Zaragas sheds its armor plates and becomes even more aggressive.

Zaragas begins to rest next to the children’s community center, but after being attacked with Arashi’s new weapon the QX Gun it immediately develops an immunity to the weapon, and simultaneously reveals its latent combat instincts, attacking indiscriminately.

Zaragas fights with Ultraman as he arrives on the scene and although Zaragas temporarily blinds him with more light flashes, it is defeated by successive attacks of Ultraman’s Spacium Beam and Arashi’s QX Gun as the alternating attacks left it no time to develop immunity to either one.


Also known as: the Transformation Monster
Height: 40m
Weight: 20,000t

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