A monster developed by Alien Baltan based on Ultraman Powered’s combat data from his fight against the Comet Monster Dorako. Zetton attacks with heat rays fired from his hands and mouth, and the Absorption Plate in his chest absorbs enemies’ beam attacks and fires the energy back twofold.

Zetton flew to Earth in a hibernation capsule which crashed into the WINR American branch, destroying it. Zetton emerged from the capsule but then remained still, waiting for Powered to arrive. The next morning, the Terrestrial Defence Force’s tanks attacked Zetton, but the Space Dragon defeated them with heat rays. Finally, Powered arrived and Zetton attacked.

Zetton reflected all of Powered’s attacks, even absorbing his Powered Slash and firing it back at the Ultra. However, in the end Powered fired a Mega Spacium Beam at Zetton’s back, destroying him in an explosion.


Alias: Space Dragon
Height: 99.9m
Weight: 666,666t

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