Zetton II

A different Space Dinosaur to the one that defeated Ultraman. This Zetton was modified by the Antenna Alien, Alien Bat, who plotted to eliminate the Ultra Brothers. Zetton II launches fireballs from his mouth and launches “Zetton Napalm” explosives from its hand to fight.

Zetton II faced Hideki Go when he came to save Jiro Sakata and Rumiko Haruno who were kidnapped by Alien Bat. However, after Ultraman used his telepathy to warn Hideki not to fight, it disappeared. Zetton II reappeared in Tokyo and destroyed part of the city. It then shot down a MAT Gyro using the Zetton Napalm explosives.

Zetton II appeared for a third time after Alien Bat announced he would return at 5pm. MAT fought back against it while Hideki tackled him with a MAT Arrow 1. Hideki then transformed into Ultraman Jack to fight. Zetton II teamed up with a giant Alien Bat against Jack to overpower him. In the end, Zetton II was broken into pieces after Jack launched it into the air using his Ultra Hurricane and then hit Zetton II with a Spacium Beam.


Alias: Space Dinosaur
Height: 60m
Weight: 30,000t

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