The Subterranean Insectile Kaiju appears and attacks humans while emitting a mysterious insect-like sound.
When the mucus Zugugan spits out hits an object, it hardens like concrete.

Zugugan, which used to live deep underground, has emerged near the surface in search of richer soils.Several individuals have been seen above ground, but many more are swarming in nests under Mt. Zudono.
When one Zugugan makes an insect-like sound, other Zugugans begin to resonate. The insect-like sound is used to communicate danger to its ally.
In the back space of the nest, in addition to a swarm of juvenile Zugugans, there is a giant adult Zugugan and a huge eerie egg.

The adult Zugugan uses its sharp claws and extends the whip on its head to attack.
Although its size is the same as Earth Garon, the adult Zugugan has the same habit of the juvenile Zugugan and it responds to insect-like noises that they make to communicate danger and call its mates.



Alias: The Subterranean Insectile Kaiju
Height: 50 meters
Weight: 30,000 tons

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