First ULTRAMAN series ever to be released exclusively on YouTube! ULTRA GALAXY FIGHT: NEW GENERATION HEROES will be released globally in Japanese and English.

Jul.25, 2019



Tsuburaya Productions will release the first ULTRAMAN series exclusively on the ULTRAMAN Official YouTube Channel, starting from 10:00 am Sept. 29th.

The series will be released worldwide in both Japanese and English.


Teaser Trailer


The series will be directed by Koichi Sakamoto!

Similar to previous series ULTRA FIGHT VICTORY (2015) and ULTRA FIGHT ORB (2017).

This newest series will also be made up with mini-episodes. Koichi Sakamoto, who has directed the above series, will return as director for ULTRA GALAXY FIGHT to pack the series with stunning action sequences.


Comments from the Director


The Story Before ULTRAMAN TAIGA will be revealed!

The story of the series takes place between the events of ULTRAMAN R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond and ULTRAMAN TAIGA. In addition to atrocious enemies of the past such as Dark Lugiel and Etalgar, new mysterious black Ultraman – Ultraman X Darkness and Ultraman Geed Darkness – will also join forces to the League of Darkness!




ULTRA GALAXY FIGHT: NEW GENERATION HEROES will be released exclusively on the ULTRAMAN Official YouTube Channel, starting from 10:00 am (Japan Time) Sept.29th. The latest story will be released every week.

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Release Date: Sept. 29th, 2019 (Sun)

Release Time: Every Sunday 10:00AM (JST)

No. of Episodes: 5min*13

Language: Japanese / English

Platform: ULTRAMAN Official YouTube Channel

Produced by: Tsuburaya Productions

Directed by: Koichi Sakamoto

Screenplay by: Junichiro Ashiki

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