The Dark Heroes of The Legendary Ultraman Series Arise! Stage Play “DARKNESS HEELS THE LIVE” To Premiere!

Aug.16, 2019


Starting off with the advanced preview from September 13th (Fri), 2019 at the Niiza Citizen’s Hall, the stage play “DARKNESS HEELS ~THE LIVE~” will open from September 18th (Wed) – September 23rd (Mon/Holiday) at Theater 1010 Kitasenju. Stay tuned as the dark heroes create their “dark” world.



Stage Play “DARKNESS HEELS ~THE LIVE~” Details

■Screenplay and Production: Sho Kubota




EVIL TIGA: Yuki Tomotsune

DARK ZAGI: Yamato Furuya

CAMEARRA: Iori Sagara


Miho Amane/ Tatsuya Kageyama/ Yuki Kaon/ Takeru Goto/ Yusuke Kondo/ Maya Saito/ Joji Saotome/ Daiki Sagawa/ Yugo Sato/ Judai Shirakashi/ Masahiro Sugie/ Yuko Sunohara/ Shigemi Tanaka/ Aimi Natsume/ Sena Horikoshi/ Taiichiro Matsumura/ Koji Maruyama/ Rina Miyazaki/ Kanami Morozuka/ Yoshihiro Rikimaru (Japanese Alphabetical Order)


■After Stage Talk Show Event

After stage talk show event will be held only on weekdays in Tokyo


Takaya Aoyagi (September 18th (Wed) 6:30pm stage)

Kensuke Takahashi (September 19th (Thurs) 1:30pm stage)

Hideo Ishiguro (September 19th (Thurs) 6:30pm stage)

Kou Nanase (September 20th (Fri) 6:30pm stage)

※We will be announcing more guests in the future.


★Advanced Preview

・Time and Date: September 13th (Fri), 2019 6:00pm Start

・Place: Niiza Citizen’s Hall (1-1-2, Nobitome, Niiza Shi, Saitama Ken)

・Price:6,800 JPY (tax included) ※Preview price


★Tokyo Stage

・Duration: September 18th (Wed), 2019~23rd (Mon/Holiday) (10 stages)

・Place: Theater 1010 (10F, SENJU MILDIX I, Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo)

・Price:SS seat 10,800 JPY, S seat 8,800 JPY, A seat6,800 JPY (tax included / SS seat includes special souvenir)


■Official Website:

■Official Twitter:

■Tickets:General tickets sold from July 21st (Sun), 2019 10:00am

For further details, please see the official website for each play guide.


The world of “DARKNESS HEELS”




Why would Ultraman put their own lives at stake just to save someone else?

Why would the evils try to take things away from others even at a high cost?

There should be no need of such actions If it is simply for living.


When the civilians from Planet Terrio came up with that question, they started two plans.

One, if powers were given to the kind-hearted ones, will they become heroes like Ultraman?

Or those who are called “evil”, what will they look for in the end?


The one who wanted revenge against the Land of Light and to take over the world – Ultraman Belial.

The one who held on to love even if it meant falling into darkness – Camearra.

The one who wanted to become god and lead humans – Evil Tiga.

The one who tried to destroy the world – Dark Zagi.

The one who dived into jealousy and craving – Jugglus Juggler.


Those who were once called “evil” wake up at Planet Terrio.

This is how the new dark story silently opened.




The Worst and Most Evil “Heel”: Ultraman Belial

An Ultraman who fell into the dark side, and revolted against the Land of Light.



The Night Raider: Dark Zagi

The incarnation of evil who has entrapped many planets into fear.

First Appearance: ULTRAMAN NEXUS (‘05)


The Malicious Light of Antithesis: Evil Tiga

The giant of darkness who once deceived the god

First Appearance: ULTRAMAN TIGA (‘97)


The Female Warrior of Love and Hate: Camearra

The envious female warrior who swayed into darkness

First Appearance: ULTRAMAN TIGA The Final Odyssey (‘00)


The Trickster Who Desired for Light: Jugglus Juggler

The villain who wishes to dive into deeper darkness

First Appearance: Ultraman Orb (‘16)

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