Tickets Now Selling for the Global Fan Event “TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2019”!

Nov.05, 2019


“TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2019”(=TSUBUCON), the largest event ever in Tsuburaya Productions’ history, will be held on December 14th (Sat) and 15th (Sun) at Tokyo Dome City. Please see below for detailed information for the event. We are looking forward to the participation of Ultraman fans from all over the world!



3 programs are available for overseas purchases!



Opening Ceremony (Program No,H-01)


The opening ceremony for the “TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2019” will be held. Many exciting news will be announced for the upcoming year 2020.


Date: December 14th (Sat), 2019

Time: Opening 9:00am, Start 10:00am

Ticket Price: S seat (Premium) 3,800yen, A (Standard) 2,800yen, B (Basic) 2,000 yen (all prices are tax included)

Tickets can be purchased from


●New Generation Heroes Assemble! (Program No,H-02、H-03)



Ultraman Zero marks his 10th anniversary since his first appearance on earth. To celebrate this, all the New Generation Heroes from Ultraman Ginga to Ultraman Taiga assemble in both their Ultraman and human form! The vocal unit Voyager who have sung for many New Generation Heroes series, and Takuma Terashima who sings the theme song for the newest series ULTRAMAN TAIGA, will also be joining. Zero will walk down memory lane with them through talk shows, actions, and music. This is a “super special” live show event ever since the New Generation Heroes started.


Date: December 14th (Sat), 2019

Times: Day 1: Open 12:30pm, Start 1:30pm / Day 2: Open 3:30pm, Start 4:30pm

Ticket Price: 5,800 yen (tax included)


Takuya Negishi (starring in ULTRAMAN GINGA as Hikaru Raido), Kiyotaka Uji (starring in ULTRAMAN GINGA S as Sho), Kensuke Takahashi (starring in ULTRAMAN X as Daichi Oozora), Hideo Ishiguro (starring in ULTRAMAN ORB as Gai Kurenai), Tatsuomi Hamada (starring in ULTRAMAN GEED as Riku Asakura), Yuta Ozawa (starring in ULTRAMAN GEED as Leito Igaguri), Yuya Hirata (starring in ULTRAMAN R/B (Ruebe) as Katsumi Minato), Ryosuke Koike (starring in ULTRAMAN R/B (Ruebe) as Isami Minato), Yuki Inoue (starring in ULTRAMAN TAIGA as Hiroyuki Kudo), Voyager, Takuma Terashima, Ultra Heroes

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●ULTRAMAN MUSIC LIVE 〜The Symphony〜(Program No,H-04、H-05)


“Symphony Ultra Cosmo” composed by Toru Fuyuki will be joined by narration newly written by Shozo Uehara. In addition, special guests and the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra will play the masterpieces from the Ultraman series. This symphony concert is a must listen for all Ultraman fans. During the opening at 5:30pm, there will be a special closing ceremony for the “TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2019”, with special guests.


Date: December 15th (Sun), 2019

Times: Day 1: Open 12:45pm, Start 1:30pm / Day 2: Open 4:45pm, Start 5:30pm (with closing ceremony)

Ticket Price: S seat (Premium) 10,000yen, A (Standard) 8,500yen, B (Basic) 7,000 yen

Cast: Kosuke Tsunoda (conductor), Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and more

Guest Artist: DEEP, Ryota Fujimaki, Maana, May J., Arashi Moritomo (T-BOLAN)

Tickets can be purchased from


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Event Date: December 14th (Sat) and 15th (Sun), 2019

Place: Tokyo Dome City (1-3-61 Kouraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

Tickets for countries outside of Japan:

Opening Ceremony:

New Generation Heroes Assemble:


Hosted by: Tsuburaya Productions

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For more information contact (Until December 15th (Sun), 2019)


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