“Ultraman Festival Online” Opens! Enjoy the Excitement of the Live Stage Shows on the Official YouTube Channel!

Aug.07, 2020



It’s summer and it’s time for Ultraman Festival! Get connected this summer!


For 30 years, Ultraman Festival has been a must-go summer event that has stirred up excitement all over Japan. However, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, this year we are unable to hold this awesome event at a venue.


Instead, this year we are changing things around with “Ultraman Festival Online!” We will be streaming the flagship event of the festival, “Ultraman Festival Live Stage,” on our YouTube channel ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL for free for a limited time!


Let’s gather together and watch the Ultraman Festival Live Stage and cheer on Ultraman from all over the world!


<Streaming Details>

① August 1st (Sat) 6:00 pm ~

2019 Part 1 “Passing on the Light, The Future of Ours (受け継がれる光 僕らの未来) ”

Ultraman Taiga, son of Ultraman Taro, battles against toy dolls who have become Kaiju due to a mysterious light. The dolls are broken and afraid of being thrown away. Taiga considers their feeling and fights to preserve the future!

Let’s cheer on Taiga and the Ultra Heroes!


② August 8th (Sat) 6:00 pm ~

2000 Part 1 “Warriors! To the Planet of Ultra! (戦士よ ウルトラの地球(ほし)へ)”

As Ultraman Agul struggles to find the ball of darkness, a group of imit-Ultra warriors appear before him. “Let’s trick the Earthlings into thinking Ultraman is evil, so that we can take over Earth!” The whole thing is a dirty trick by Alien Zarab…

The Ultra Heroes come together to protect their honor and pride.

Destroy the approaching darkness!


③ August 15th (Sat) 6:00 pm ~

2003 Part 1 “The Summer Ultra Operation!! ~Mode Change to the Future~ (真夏のウルトラ大作戦!!~未来へのモードチェンジ~)”

Alien Magma’s evil scheme to take over a peaceful jungle has made the gentle Kaiju of the Kaiju Zoo violent.

“Don’t give up hope! Remember the five Ultra vows!”

Gather the five Oaths of Ultra and escape the evil jungle!


④ August 23rd (Sat) 2:00 pm ~

2017 Part 2 “Our Wings! Ultra Hawk Take Off! (僕たちの翼!ウルトラホーク発進!)”

At the Ultra Guards’ Sunshine Base, the next-generation Ultra Hawk is under development.

Let’s complete the Ultra Hawk with everyone’s ideas!

However, they are attacked by an evil union of space robots!

What will become of Earth’s future?


*Each video will be achieved and available for one week in our YouTube channel.

*Videos will be available in Japanese only.


<Ultraman Festival ONLINE Event Information>

Duration: August 1st (Sat) ~ August 23rd (Sun), 2020


★Free Streaming of our Past Live Stages!

We will be streaming our past Ultra Live Stages for free.

Let’s cheer on the Ultra Heroes at home!


★Virtual Background

We will be offering the official visual for this year’s Ultraman Festival as a virtual background!

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