Pre-orders are Now Open for the 1/6th Scale Articulated Figure of ULTRAMAN SUIT TIGA!

Mar.26, 2021




The Hong Kong figure company threezero, known for its high-end collectible figures, has announced the “FigZero 1/6 ULTRAMAN SUIT TIGA,” a 1/6th scale action figure based on ULTRAMAN SUIT ANOTHER UNIVERSE. This collectible is 1/6th scale, standing approximately 31.6cm (12.4”) tall, and is a fully-posable action figure with over 47 points of articulation.



ULTRAMAN SUIT TIGA has a detailed paint job and is constructed partially of die-cast zinc alloy and other metal parts. The figure’s eyes, the Tiga Crystal on its forehead, and the Color Timer on its chest are equipped with LED lights.



A number of original weapons were specially designed for this figure, including the “Sparklence Blade,” the “GUTS Hyper Custom” handgun, attachable “carbine conversion parts” to make the GUTS Hyper Custom into a rifle, and the “GUTS Submachine Gun.” The GUTS Hyper Custom, carbine conversion parts, and GUTS Submachine Gun can be combined to form a huge weapon called the “Slam DUNK.”



The figure also includes 5 pairs of interchangeable hands: 1 pair of fists, 1 pair of open hands, 1 pair for holding the Sparklence Blade, 1 pair to hold guns, and 1 pair for the Zeperion Beam shooting pose.

Starting on March 26th, 2021 at 9:00am HKT, the figure will be available for pre-order through the threezero store (, threezero Tmall, and threezero worldwide distribution partners. The figure will be priced at USD 149 plus shipping. (Free shipping is available in some regions.) The product is scheduled to ship in November 2021.

More 1/6th scale articulated figures based on the ULTRAMAN SUIT ANOTHER UNIVERSE project are coming up! “FigZero 1/6 ULTRAMAN SUIT ZERO” will be next, with pre-orders scheduled to open in June 2021!


* In development/Not final. Promotional images may differ from final version.



▼Product Overview

Product Name: FigZero 1/6 ULTRAMAN SUIT TIGA

Price: USD149 / HKD1158 / JPY16,210 / RMB955

Release Date: 2021 November

Distributor: threezero



※In development/Not final. Promotional images may differ from final version.

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