Koji Moritsugu and Ultraseven Walk the Opening Red Carpet at the 35th Tokyo International Film Festival!

Oct.25, 2022



To commemorate Ultraseven’s 55th anniversary, Koji Moritsugu, who played Dan Moroboshi from Ultraseven, walked the red carpet with Ultraseven, the Crimson Fighter himself, at the 35th Tokyo International Film Festival that began on October 24th!



“I will now walk on the red carpet, getting along with Ultraseven!” said Mr. Moritsugu, wearing a tuxedo. Soon, he took out the Ultra Eye from his pocket and showed the transformation pose on the red carpet. Ultraseven showed his powerful fighting pose, appealing to the fans and media.

At the Tokyo International Film Festival, Ultraseven will have 12 carefully chosen episodes based on the themes “Communication” “Tokusatsu” and “Hero” screened, starting from Wednesday October 26th.


Screening Information

“Communication” (Wednesday October 26th 6:00PM~ (JST) at the TOHO CINEMAS Chanter)

Episode 6 “Dark Zone” (Directed by: Kazuho Mitsuda)

Episode 7 “Space Prisoner 303” (Directed by: Toshitsugu Suzuki)

Episode 36 “The Stolen Ultra Eye” (Directed by: Toshitsugu Suzuki)

Episode 42 “Messenger of Nonmalt” (Directed by: Kazuho Mitsuda)

★Star appearance after the screening by Kazuho Mitsuda.


“Tokusatsu” (Friday October 28th 9:20PM~ (JST) at the TOHO CINEMAS Chanter)

Episode 3 “Secret of the Lake” (Directed by Kimaji Nosēgasē)

Episode 14 “Westward, Ultra Guard (Part 1)” (Directed by Kazuho Mitsuda)

Episode 15 “Westward, Ultra Guard (Part 2)” (Directed by Kazuho Mitsuda)

Episode 26 “Super Weapon R1” (Directed by: Toshitsugu Suzuki)

★Star appearance after screening by Kiyoshi Suzuki (Cameraman of Ultraseven) and Masahiko Shiraishi (Tōkusatsu researcher/script writer)


“Hero” (Saturday October 29th 1:30PM (JST) at the TOHO CINEMAS Chanter)

Episode 39 “The Seven Assassination Plan (Part 1)” (Directed by: Toshihiro Iijima)

Episode 40 “The Seven Assassination Plan (Part 2)” (Directed by: Toshihiro Iijima)

Episode 48 “The Biggest Invasion in History (Part 1)” (Directed by: Kazuho Mitsuda)

Episode 49 “The Biggest Invasion in History (Part 2)” (Directed by: Kazuho Mitsuda)

★Star appearance after screening by Koji Moritsugu (actor of Dan Moroboshi).



Saturday October 29th 5:00PM~ (JST) at the Marunouchi Building 1F MARUCUBE

On-stage: Shinji Higuchi (director), Naofumi Higuchi (film critique/director), Ryusuke Hikawa (anime and tōkusatsu researcher/Specially Appointed Professor for Meji University)


Please find further details at the Tokyo International Film Festival official website.

Official website:



Ultraseven 55th Anniversary Project Latest Information

Special Mission “Stop Eleking’s Progression”: A Demonstration Experiment that Challenges the Possibilities of the Body (Event)



A demonstration experiment “Special Mission ‘Stop Eleking’s Progression’: A Demonstration Experiment that Challenges the Possibilities of the Body”, will be held at the Kashiwanoha Innovation Fes 2022 on Saturday October 29th and Sunday October 30th at the KOIL TERRACE.



Saturday October 29th 10:00AM-12:00PM, 1:00PM-4:00PM (JST)

Sunday October 30th 10:00AM-12:00PM, 1:00PM-4:00PM(JST)

*The event will be available on 12:00PM-1:00PM without the artificial muscle. This will be available without reservations.


*To equip the artificial muscle, reservations will be required

Please find further detail at (Japanese only)


Ultra Heroes Pop Up Store in Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

A Pop Up Store at Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro 8F was held. Good commemorating Ultraseven’s 55th anniversary will be sold. During the event, a photo spot were fans can take a picture sitting together at a Japanese tea table with Alien Metron.



Thursday October 20th to Tuesday October 25th 10AM to 7:00PM (JST)


Goods Information

S.H.Figuarts Ultraseven 55th Anniversary Ver.

As metallic paint was used for the red and silver parts of the body, the coloring brimming with luster is worthy to commemorate Ultraseven’s 55th anniversary. The Brothers’ Mantle and a stand with Ultraseven 55th anniversary logo will be included.

*The Brothers’ Mantle will be the same color with the one from “Ultraman 55th Anniversary Ver.”


Product Information

Reservation Dates: Until November 6th, 2022

Price: 7,700 JPY (10% tax included) * Shipping and handling charges not included

Shipping Date: March 2023

Available at Tsuburaya Store Online: (Japanese Only)


Ultra Heroes EX: Ultraseven & Brothers’ Mantle Special Color Set


A soft vinyl toy of Ultraseven with the Brothers’ Mantle, in a special color, will be available exclusively on the Tsuburaya Store. Please enjoy with the “Ultraman & Brothers’ Mantle Special Color Set” now on sale, and commemorate the two hero’s 55th anniversary.

Price: 1,650 JPY (tax included)

Further details on (Japanese Only)


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