Ultraman Vs Kaiju 30cm Diorama Statue from XM Studios is Now available for Pre-order!

Nov.03, 2022



Today, November 3, 2022, XM Studios, known for their profound quality for statue figures, has announced the pre-ordering of the Ultraman Vs Kaiju 30 cm Diorama Statue worldwide (excluding Japan and mainland China)!



Designed by 2D artist, Matt Frank, and two 3D artists, previously working on other statues from XM Studios, Yoshiki Fujimoto and Kenichi Tanaka, formed a dream team for development for the Ultraman Vs Kaiju 30 cm Diorama Statue


Having the concept of


Ganbare! Ultraman!

You can do it! Ultraman


Ultraman stands in front of the army of Kaijus to protect Earth. Ultraman faces his nemeses, Zetton, Red King, Alien Baltan, Neronga, Telesdon, Bemular, Dada, and Gomora, protecting Pigmon and the city, ready to release Spacium Beam. Ultraman and each Kaiju is highly detailed, handcrafted, and hand-painted for the highest quality.





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