English Dubbed Ultraman Z will be Released on April 8th!

Apr.02, 2023



On April 2nd, it has been announced that the official release of an English dubbed version of Ultraman Z will be available on the Ultraman Official YouTube Channel and Ultraman Connection starting from April 8th 11 PM JST. 


The localized English voice over was produced by Okratron 5000, known for their success with the English dubbed version of Shin Ultraman, released nationwide in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Ireland in early January 2023.



Comments from Cast and Crew


Zeno Robinson as Haruki



Haruki is very polite, kind, energetic and empathetic and I love those traits about him. He does whatever he can to help others, and even empathizes with his enemies. He has a really good heart and I relate to him in all of those ways. So it’s been really easy for me to connect to Haruki as a person. Kohshu Hirano is such a fun actor to watch and I love his energy. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the fight sequences and figuring out how to play the comedic bits! Ultraman Z is voiced by my good friend Matt Shipman, so it’s been a dream getting to be his partner in the show and listening to his incredible work! I’m looking forward to seeing how the plot gets deeper over the course of the season. 


Twitter: @childishgamzeno

Instagram: @childish_gamzeno


Matt Shipman as Ultraman Z & Adaptive Writer



Being a tokusatsu hero has always been a dream of mine. Ultraman Z (the show and character!) mean so much to me. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love this show. I hope you’ll watch along with us!


Twittter: @MattShipmanVO 

Instagram: @MattShipman 

Tiktok: @MattShipmanVO


Mick Lauer as Hebikura (Jugglus Juggler)



Jugglus Juggler has been one of the funnest roles I’ve ever had the honor and pleasure to voice. Between his down-to-business captain persona and his ultra-cool-dude darker side, recording sessions have been as unpredictable for me as I’m sure they will be for audiences watching it. Being a child of the 80’s and raised in Asia, Ultraman has been a series near and dear to me. This opportunity to be a part of such a legacy has been a childhood dream come true.


Twitter: @RicepirateMick

Instagram: @ricepiratemick


Mallorie Rodak as Yoko Nakashima



Yoko Nakashima is such a dynamic character and it’s been a joy to help bring her to life for English audiences. She’s such a strong lead and I admire her tenacious spirit.


Twitter: @mall0rie

Instagram: @mmmallorie

TikTok: @mallorierodak


Macy Anne Johnson as Yuka



I’m so thrilled that my voice is in the Ultraman universe! Yuka is such a fun character to play because she is equal parts silly and smart. I’ve always wanted to play a mad scientist, so playing Yuka has been a dream come true!


Twitter: @macyyyanne


Executive Producer & Narrator Christopher Sabat



It is an honor to work on another iteration of the legendary Ultraman series at Okratron5000!


Twitter: @JustChrisSabat


ADR Director & Mixer Rawly Pickens



Ultraman Z has been an absolute dream to work on. I quickly fell in love with the character and tone of the series. The chemistry of the STORAGE crew is undeniable, and I love recording any scene where Saburo is yelling, but hands down my favorite character has to be Yuka. She has to handle so much information and exposition but always makes it fun. I can’t wait for fans to hear all the hard work we’ve been doing, and I hope Ultraman Z finds some new ultra-fans along the way.

Okay, let’s goooooooooo!


Twitter: @SirRawly


Casting Director & Line Producer & Kanegon Voice Brittany Lauda



At the end of last year, I cracked open the Tsubaraya YouTube channel to crack into Ultraman Z – it was a different experience from working on Shin Ultraman, but I absolutely loved it! The cast was endearing and interesting, the theme song was catchy as HECK and the plot went from fun romp to emotional journey real fast – and I loved it! It was an honor to create this cast for Rawly to play with, and to work with our whole team. Also, getting to play Kanegon has been so fun! They are just a silly little fella – you gonna eat those coins?


Twitter: @BrittanyLaudaVO

Instagram: @BreeLoud


Production Assistant Ben Balmaceda



I’m a production assistant with the dub of Ultraman Z, and I also provided some additional voices in later episodes! Part of my job involves doing the final check of the video to make sure everything’s look good. I had known about Ultraman for years now but never got the chance to really watch one of his shows until now. After the first episode, I was an instant fan!


Twitter: @benbevoicing


Ultraman Z (English Dub) Schedule

Episode 1 “Chant My Name!” released on Saturday, April 8th, 2023, 11:00 PM JST.

New episode released every Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 PM JST.


Ultraman Official YouTube Channel:

Ultraman Connection:

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