Ultraman Regulos will be Available from May 23, 2023! Main Visual and Trailer Revealed!

Apr.27, 2023



The mysterious hero, Ultraman Regulos, first made an appearance in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad, which is currently available on the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel and Ultraman Connection.



The story about his unknown past will be unveiled in the spin-off series, Ultraman Regulos! The series will begin streaming from May 23rd on Ultraman Connection and the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel.


The Strongest Fist in the Universe! The New Trailer Features Ultraman Regulos and the Cosmo Beast Fighters in Full Action!



Ishida Akira as the Voice of Dias, a New Character that Trains Alongside Regulos





Height: 50 meters

Weight: 50,000 tons


A martial artist, who wanders through space.

He was captivated by the strength of the Cosmo Beast Style and decided to become an apprentice.

He trains rigorously every day. Regulos is a fellow disciple.


Yoshimasa Hosoya Returns to Voice Ultraman Leo



Ultraman Leo


Height: 50 meters

Weight: 50,000 tons


An Ultraman from Planet L77 in the Leo constellation. He trains on Planet D60, an ally planet of L77. It seemed that things were going well between him, Regulos and the Cosmo Beast Fighters. However…


The Spin-off Special, Ultraman Regulos: First Mission, will also be Available!



The first fan event, Ultra Galaxy Fight Special Night, was held at the Ultra Heroes EXPO 2023 New Year Festival. The special episode, Ultraman Regulos: First Mission, which was screened at the event, will be available on Ultraman Connection and YouTube from July 4th!


Ultraman Regulos Overview


The past of the mysterious Ultra Hero Ultraman Regulos, who made a striking debut in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad, will be revealed.



On the mysterious planet D60, the birthplace of the legendary space martial art, Cosmo Beast Style, which harnesses the power of contracted guardians of this planet, the Cosmo Beasts. Under the guidance of the grandmaster, Master Alude, Cosmo Beast Style fighters trained rigorously.


One day, a young man named Ultraman Regulos washed up on the shore of D60, having lost all memories except for his name. Recognizing his talent, Master Alude took Regulos under his wing and began to teach him the legendary Cosmo Beast Style, said to be the strongest martial art in the universe… This is the story of his fierce battles.


Schedule (JST)


Ultraman Regulos

Available on ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel and Ultraman Connection from May 23rd!

Episode 1: Tuesday, May 23rd 

Episode 2: Saturday, May 27th 

Episode 3: Saturday, June 3rd

Volume 1 (Episode 1~3): Saturday, June 3rd *only on Ultraman Connection

Episode 4: Tuesday, June 6th

Episode 5: Saturday, June 10th 

Episode 6: Saturday, June 17th

Volume 2 (Episode 4~6): Saturday, June 17th *only on Ultraman Connection


Ultraman Regulos: First Mission

Available on ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel and Ultraman Connection from July 4th!

Volume 1: Tuesday, July 4th

Volume 2: Sunday, July 9th

Full Version: Sunday, July 9th *only on Ultraman Connection


Director: Koichi Sakamoto

Screenplay: Junichiro Ashiki

Production: Tsuburaya Productions

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