May.20, 2023



It has been announced that TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2023 (known as “TsubuCon”), the largest fan festival for Tsuburaya Productions’ works, will host a music live, Ultraman Music Live “Ultraman Spirits 2023” in November 26, 2023. Collaborating with the prestigious anime song live event ANIME JAPAN FES, TsubuCon will be presenting a special premium live performance featuring renowned artists and bands, focusing on the theme songs of the Ultraman series. With captivating visuals, this event will offer a unique opportunity to witness the rich history of Ultraman firsthand.


TsubuCon will be announcing the details of the event gradually in the future. Please stay tuned.


ULTRAMAN MUSIC LIVE “Ultraman Spirits 2023” Overview


Ryoichi Fukuzawa (Taro Takemura) / Theme song of Ultraman Taro

Ryu Manatsu / Cast of Gen Ootori and singer of the theme song from Ultraman Leo

Tatsuya Maeda / Theme song of Ultraman Dyna

Hironobu Kageyama / Theme song of Ultraman Decker

Tsuyoshi Matsubara / Theme song of Ultraman Mebius

voyager / Cast of Takeru Yamagishi, Chiaki Matsudo and singer of theme song of Ultraman X

Tsuruno Takeshi / Cast of Shin Asuka of Ultraman Dyna / Theme song of Ultraman Orb: THE ORIGIN SAGA

Tatsuomi Hamada / Cast of Riku Asakura and theme song singer of Ultraman Geed

Masayoshi Ooishima / Theme song of Ultraman R/B

Endoh Masaaki / Theme song of Ultraman Z

Tasuku Hatanaka / Voice of Ultraman Z and ending theme song singer of Ultraman Z

Takao Sakuma / Theme song of Ultraman Trigger

SCREEN mode/ Theme song of Ultraman Decker

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