The Little Kaiju Cheering Everyone’s “First Step”! ULTRAMAN’s Newest Project “KAIJU STEP” Will Now Officially Start Theme Song by “Keropons”! Picture Books, Short Anime and Other Fun Projects Will be Announced

Nov.01, 2018


Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya, Tokyo. President and CEO: Takayuki Tsukagoshi) is starting its newest ULTRAMAN project “KAIJU STEP”, which cheers on the “first step” of all children.

(Special Website:



The Kaiju of the ULTRAMAN series, are not just enemies defeated by the heroes. Each has their own special powers, looks, and characteristics which make them all unique. These characters are popular along with the Ultra Heroes.

The main characters of “KAIJU STEP” are the “little Kaiju”. The characters are designed as though the popular Kaiju in the ULTRAMAN series have become little kids. The story is set in the “little planet” where the unique “little Kaiju” try new things, meet new friends and portray each of their little “first steps”.


In advance to the official release of “KAIJU STEP”, a new series in “MEBAE”, an educational magazine for kids and babies had started from September. The new series has been loved by both boys and girls and  we have received positive comments from families such as fathers enjoying with their children figuring out the names of the Kaiju, and mothers who aren’t familiar with the ULTRAMAN series enjoying drawing with their children.

And on November 1st (Thu), “KAIJU STEP” launched its first picture book Little Pigg’s Balloon at bookstores all over Japan. Also, a short animation on “TSUTAYA TV”, a streaming service provided by TSUTAYA, has started being distributed.

In addition, celebrating the birth of “KAIJU STEP”, there will be a family event “ULTRA Happy Papa Mama Festa 2018” on November 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun) at Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Tokyo-Bay.


We will continue launching many projects including picture books, animations, goods, and events to provide many children and families this series.


[Picture Book]

Little Pigg’s Balloon, the first ever picture book from “KAIJU STEP”, now on sale!

With the positive reputation of “KAIJU STEP” on “MEBAE”, an educational magazine for babies and kids, the first picture book is now released. From December, the author Yosuke Kihara, will start a new series on “mamari”, an information media service for mom’s, with his newest drawings.

We will be releasing more picture books from the “KAIJU STEP” series from here on.


Picture Book Little Pigg’s Balloon Product Details

– Title                                             : KAIJU STEP Picture Book, Little Pigg’s Balloon

– Author                                         : Drawn by Yosuke Kihara, Written by Kikaseya Keitaro

– Publication Date                      : November 1st (Thu), 2018

– Price                                            : 850 JPY (tax excluded)

– Publisher                                    : Shogakukan

– ISBN                                             : 9784097268239

– URL                                              :


Picture Book Series Details

– Title                           : KAIJU STEP With mamari

– Duration                  : From December 3rd (Mon), 2018, Updates once a week (5 stories in total)

– URL                           :





“KAIJU STEP” Short Animation Now Starting!

The short animation of “KAIJU STEP” will now be available through “TSUTAYA TV”, a streaming service provided by TSUTAYA.

2 stories Little Pigg and Doughnuts and Little Dada’s Stripe will be released, followed by more episodes in the future. Little Pigg and Doughnuts, is a story about the doughnut loving Little Pigg’s first step, and Little Dada’s Stripes is a story on the stripe loving Little Dada.


Short Animation Distribution Details

<”TSUTAYA TV”, a streaming service by TSUTAYA>

– Launching Date                        : November 1st (Thu), 2018

– Price   : Chargeable

– Streaming Episode                  : Little Pigg and Doughnuts, Little Dada’s Stripes *New episodes will be added

– URL                                              :


*Little Pigg and Doughnuts will also be streamed on Tsuburaya Production’s official Youtube channel “ULTRA CHANNEL”




The theme song is “KAIJU STEP Wonderland” by the popular children music unit Keropons(ケロポンズ)!

Popular among children and parents, “Keropons” is a unit which makes fun music with action for children. They are very well known for their exercise song “Ebikanikusu”(エビカニクス) which was viewed over 40 million times on Youtube, and now standard in many kindergartens and preschools.

“KAIJU STEP Wonderland”, the theme song for “KAIJU STEP” by Keropons is a fun song with dancing which both parents and kids can enjoy.


<About Keropons>

Yuko Masuda (Kero) and Akiko Hirata (Pon) formed the music unit in 1999. They write music and lyrics, choreograph for children, and have appeared in many parent-child concerts, seminars for kindergarten/preschool teachers. Their most popular song “Ebikanikusu” is now a standard action song for preschool and kindergarten, and has received over 40 million views on Youtube.




So much to see of “KAIJU STEP”! Theme song and Puppet Stage to be shown for the first time!

An event for families “Papa Mama Festa 2018”

The music video of the theme song “KAIJU STEP Wonderland” will be shown on the opening stage. Everyone is free to join.

Next, a puppet stage, created by the Tsuburaya Productions Arts and Design Team LSS (Light Sculpture Studio) which also makes the heroes’ and Kaiju’s costumes in the ULTRAMAN series, will be held. In addition, event limited goods of “KAIJU STEP” will be sold.


”ULTRA Happy Papa Mama Festa 2018” Details

– Date                          : November 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun), 2018

– Opening Hours      : 10:00am-5:00pm

(Picture Book Read Aloud & Puppet Stage 11:00am-/3:00pm-, both days)

– Place                         : Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Tokyo-Bay

2-1-1 Hama-cho, Funabashi City, Chiba

– Admission                : Free Admission

– URL                           :




Reference Material: The “little Kaiju” that appear in “KAIJU STEP”

Just like many human children, they each have their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, different thoughts and looks. They also hold their own Kaiju like characteristics. More little friends of the “little Kaiju” will be appearing in the near future.


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