KAIJU GIRLS Season2 will be starting from January 9!

Dec.27, 2017



“KAIJU GIRLS” is a popular short animation broadcasted from September 2016 on “dAnime Store” and other Japanese streaming services.

The series depicted the progress of KAIJU GIRLS, who can transform into KAIJU, sometimes seriously and sometimes comically with full of laughter and tears.

The 2nd season will be starting from January 2018, and new KAIJU Girls such as Alien Guts (CV:TBA), King Joe by Suzuko Mimori who played the voice of REM in ULTRAMAN GEED, and sound eating KAIJU Noiseler (CV:Arisa Kiyoto) will appear in the story as new characters.



▼2nd Season PV


■About KAIJU GIRLS Season2

The battle of human beings and KAIJU was a long time ago.

The souls of ancient KAIJU now live inside of KAIJU GIRLS.

Agira, Miclas, Windam became members of “GIRLS” and were living a fulfilling life.

However, they receive news of unknown species “SHADOW” causing some trouble.

Meanwhile, Alien Guts, a member of the “GIRLS”, was feeling something wrong with herself.




It is a new project to create a new KAIJU world in which popular kaijus are humanized.

Not only the animation, but comics, novels, video works are and other projects are also in progress.

Please visit the official website or Twitter(@ultrakaiju_gk) for the latest information!



■A Crowdfunding project ”Noiseler Comeback Operation” has started!

Noiseler will be appearing in the 2nd season as a new character. This unique KAIJU has a peculiar characteristic of eating sound (especially prefer the electric sound) and having a knowledge of Karate, Boxing, and Sumo. We are starting a crowdfunding project to invite Noiseler to earth again.


▼Please visit the P’s FARM special web site for the details on ”Noiseler Comeback Operation”.



Agira : Aki Miyashita, Miclas : Miku Ushimaru, Windam : Reika Shiragane, Pigmon : Sora Tokui, Zetton : Emiri Kato, Red King : Hiromi Igarashi, Eleking : Megumi Han, Gomora : Ayaka Suwa, Zandrias : Kaede Yuasa, King Joe : Suzuko Mimori, Noisler : Arisa Kiyoto

Please wait for more information!



Story: Tsuburaya Productions Co.,Ltd.

Plot: Norimitsu Kaihou

Animation: Studio Puyukai

Director: Minoru Ashina


Character Designs: Nekosuke Okuma (Nitroplus) / Yuji Tani / CHOCO / Jiro Tomioka / Namaniku ATK (Nitroplus) / Nekokan Mashigura (Nitroplus) / Bakutendo / minoa (Nitroplus) etc.


◆KAIJU GIRLS Season2 broadcast information

TV Station: TOKYO MX

Date: Starting from January 9, 2018

Time: Tuesdays 21:54 ~

Number of Episodes: 12

*Broadcast schedule may change.


 ◆Streaming Information

Distributor: d Anime Store

Date: Starting from January 10, 2018

Time: Wednesdays 12:00 ~

*Exclusive radio program ”KAIJU GIRLS ~ULTRA KAIJU on Radio Operation~” is also available on dAnime Store!


 ▼Official website


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