One of the Capsule Monsters that appears from a capsule thrown by Dan Moroboshi when he cannot transform into Ultraseven to fight the enemy in his place. Agira cannot use beam attacks but it is very intelligent and adept at physical combat, using agile movements and body tackles.

Agira’s first sighting on Earth was when it was summoned by Dan Moroboshi to fight the Mechanism Monster Rigger when he was unable to transform due to a strong electro-magnetic field emitted from a nearby asteroid. It used its agility to fight Rigger but was unable to deal any damage, and was stunned by attacks from Rigger’s long, whip-like tail, making Dan call Agira back. Although doing no damage, Agira bought Dan more than enough time to destroy the device emitting the electro-magnetic field.

Agira’s second appearance was in the battle against the Robot Superman Imitation Ultraseven. Agira hesitated and was unable to attack the enemy that looked exactly like its master and after suffering many attacks was knocked off a cliff and never seen again.


Alias: Capsule Monster
Height: Micro - 45m
Weight: 0 - 12,000t

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