One of the Capsule Monsters that appears from a capsule thrown by Dan Moroboshi when he cannot transform into Ultraseven to fight the enemy in his place. Miclas is the most adept at physical combat of the capsule monsters. It attacks using its giant horns and its 5-million-horsepower super strength.

Miclas was first seen when Dan’s Ultra Eye was stolen by Alien Pitt to fight the Space Monster Eleking that appeared near lake Agatsuma. Miclas overpowered Eleking in hand-to-hand combat by using its super strength to grab and throw Eleking by the tail, but Eleking countered by wrapping its tail around Miclas to constrict it. Eleking released a high-voltage current through its tail, damaging Miclas so much that it had to be recalled.

Miclas next appeared when the Terrestrial Defense Force’s Far East base was isolated in a blizzard attack by the Freezing Monster Gandar. Dan dropped his Ultra Eye in the snow and Miclas initially fought back using its horns to attack, but became weakened after being hit by Gandar’s ice-beam. Despite this, Miclas fulfilled its support role dutifully, continuing to fight bravely against Gandar, giving Dan enough time to recover the Ultra Eye.


Alias: Capsule Monster
Height: Micro - 40m
Weight: 0kg - 20,000t

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