One of the Capsule Monsters that appears from a capsule thrown by Dan Moroboshi when he cannot transform into Ultraseven to fight the enemy in his place. Windom attacks by firing its Laser Shot from the red lamp on its forehead and tackling enemies while spinning both of its arms.

It was first seen on Earth in its first battle against the Space Hunter Alien Cool. It shot down two of their small saucers, but was called back by Dan after it was weakened when one of the saucers fired at its lamp, Windon’s weak spot.

Windom’s next appearance was in a battle against the Aurora Phantom Alien Kanan, but it ended up being controlled by Kanan and attacking Ultraseven instead. After Ultraseven revived Windom with his Awakening Beam, it tried to fight against Alien Kanan again but was defeated, and Dan called Windom back to its capsule.

Windom’s third appearance was in a battle against the Clone Alien Alien Guts where it was overwhelmed by Alien Guts’ teleportation abilities. Windom accidentally destroyed a building when its punch missed and while it stood dazed and confused, one of Alien Guts’ saucers appeared. Dan ordered Windom to return to his capsule, but the order came too late and it exploded in flames after being hit by the saucer’s beam attack.


Alias: Capsule Monster
Height: Micro to 40m
Weight: 0 - 23,000t

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