Alien Ghose

A group of aliens that arrived on Earth to enact their grand Earth invasion plans. On the Earth’s surface they appear half-transparent and are reminiscent of ghosts.

Alien Ghose came to Earth frequently in their flying saucers and built a secret underground base in the Kumagatake mountains in Nara prefecture. They timed the start of their operation with the arrival of the Twin-Head Monster Pandon and when Amagi was sent by the Ultra Guard to investigate, he was captured by their Ghose Balloon capture-bubble ability.

Alien Ghose used Pandon to put the Ultra Guard in a near-death situation, but after it was defeated by Ultraseven, Alien Ghose secretly recovered Pandon’s body. They used their saucer to attack the Terrestrial Defense Force’s eastern base but were driven off by a counter attack from the Ultra Hawk No. 3.

Eventually, Alien Ghose sent demands for the TDF to surrender, but since they received no reply, they went through with their threats and destroyed many major cities around the world using subterranean missiles. They next threatened to destroy Tokyo and gave the TDF just 30 minutes to surrender, but the Ultra Guard were able to use this time to pinpoint the location of Alien Ghose’s underground base. Their invasion ended when the Ultra Guard loaded their Magma Riser tank with explosives, crashed it into the base, and wiped out Alien Ghose in the ensuing explosion.


Alias: Specter Phantom
Height: 2m
Weight: 70kg

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