Alien Godola

An alien that planned to blow up the Terrestrial Defense Force’s Far East Base. Alien Godola possesses the ability to change into human form, usings attacks such as a paralyzing beam and its Godola Gun that fires a cage-like Godola Capsule.

Several Alien Godola flew to Earth where they made a nuclear power tanker and a coastal guard research vessel disappear. The Terrestrial Defense Force’s nuclear-powered ship the SS Max was sent to investigate and Alien Godola transported it to outer-space where they took control of the vessel.

At the same time a separate Alien Godola took on the form of a human woman and stole the Ultra Eye from Dan Moroboshi. Another Alien Godola disguised itself as Furuhashi to infiltrate the Far East Base where it suggested Captain Kiriyama to issue a large-scale investigation of the ocean floor. At the same time, they continued their plans by confining Dan in a Godola Capsule and setting a time bomb inside the Far East Base.

However, thanks to a warning sent by Amagi who escaped from the NS Max and Dan regaining the Ultra Eye to transform into Ultraseven, their plan ended in failure and the one remaining Alien Godola on Earth changed to its giant form. It struggled against Ultraseven but was blown up by his Emerium Beam, and he went on to defeat the remaining Alien Godola aboard the SS Max.


Alias: Anti-gravity Alien
Height: 2 - 52m
Weight: 120kg - 45,000t

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