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Eleking is a monster raised by Alien Pitt who plan to take over the earth.
Usually, Eleking is shaped like an eel and is about 20cm long, but enlarges under the command of Alien Pitt.
Eleking has a white body with black patterns on it, and there is a pair of crescent-shaped rotating horns on its head. The horns, acting as its eyes, can work both like a radar that determines its surroundings and an antenna that receives radio commands. It can also jam radio waves.

Eleking can shoot crescent-shaped beam slicers that are ten times more powerful than lightning bolts from its mouth, which is called “Electric Discharge Beam”. Eleking’s long tail can be used as a weapon, to not only hit the enemy like a whip but also coil around the enemy and discharge high voltage electricity up to 500,000V.
Later, another individual that was readjusted by Alien Pitt has the ability to emit carbon dioxide from the holes of its mitten-like hands, was used as a part of the plan to quicken global warming.
A subspecies classed as “Discharge Dragon” exists and has different shapes of hands from the original individual. Although its basic specs remains the same, it is capable of not only absorbing electricity from other power sources, but also absorbing humans’ brain waves as well as controlling them.
There is another individual that can discharge electric powers from its crescent-shaped horns.