Alien Pitt

An alien race that became enamored with the Earth’s beauty and planned to take it for themselves. They came to Earth as a pair and transformed into the appearance of the same girl to enact their plan.

They landed their spacecraft near a lake in Agatsuma, Eastern Japan and after disguising itself as a young girl, one Alien Pitt released a juvenile form of the Space Monster Eleking into the water. When a fisherman almost caught the juvenile Eleking, Alien Pitt jumped into the water to save it.

When Dan Moroboshi and Furuhashi came to investigate the lake, one of the Alien Pitt set a trap for them, knocked them unconscious and then stole Dan’s Ultra Eye. The other Alien Pitt pretended to be caught alongside Dan and the others, and successfully infiltrated the Terrestrial Defense Force Far East base.

At the same time, the remaining Alien Pitt accelerated Eleking’s growth into its giant adult form and made it fight Dan’s Capsule Monster Miclas, but then Dan appeared to take back the Ultra Eye.

After that, the Alien Pitt that had sabotaged the TDF’s Far East base returned to its spacecraft with its partner and made Eleking fight Ultraseven. After Eleking was defeated they attempted to escape but were blown up along with their spaceship by Ultraseven’s Emerium Beam.


Alias: Transforming Phantom
Height: 1.55 - 2m
Weight: 60kg

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