A kind of carnivorous bird-beast that lived in ancient times. Birdon attacks with its sharp beak and spews flames from their mouth.

Birdon laid dormant as an egg in the mouth of a volcano in Okumayama, but hatched due to sudden changes in volcanic activity. Birdon had hunted the Leaf-Eating Monster Kemjila as food since ancient times and flew to the Okumayama research facility to feast on some revived Kemjila and the research assistants. Birdon then flew to the city to attack a giant Kemjila fighting with Ultraman Taro. Birdon pierced Taro with their sharp beak and struck a fatal blow on the Ultra before turning to feast on Kemjila.

After that, Birdon returned to his volcano and began attacking commercial flights. ZAT arrived and initiated “Plan Bird Feed” but it failed. Zoffy arrived, but Birdon defeated him too, stabbing the Ultra with their beak. Birdon attacked several meat warehouses in search of food and evaded all of ZAT’s efforts to follow. They hid the remaining stores of meat, so in their hunger Birdon attacked a nearby apartment. A revived Ultraman Taro appeared to stop the monster and Birdon retreated.

After that, Birdon went into a frenzy and took out ZAT’s Sky Whale after discovering ZAT had destroyed their nest of eggs in the volcano. Then Taro used his King Bracelet and Taro Split technique to make Birdon fall into the volcano and perish.


Alias: Volcano Bird Monster
Height: 62m
Weight: 33,000t

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