An unidentified lifeform that fell to Earth through a space between zero-gravity fields. Bullton formed when a red and blue meteorite, found in the Baron Desert, merged together into a giant lifeform. Bullton attacks those around by creating anomalies in reality through manipulating the Four-Dimensional Phenomenon with antenna-like hairs that extend from its many protruding extremities.

Bullton was relocated to the SSSP base as two separate meteorites, but after they fused together, it enveloped the base in the 4th dimension, trapping the members of the SSSP inside and disoriented them with many reality-defying phenomena. When the Defense Force arrived to combat it, Bullton immobilized their troops by causing mysterious events to occur, such as making their fighter jets fly along the ground.

Finally, Ultraman arrived and Bullton again used its hairs to disorient and damage him, but after Ultraman hits it with repeated Spacium Beams it reverts to its meteorite appearance before being crushed to pieces by our hero.


Alias: the Four-Dimensional Monster
Height: 60m
Weight: 60,000t

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