Alien Baltan II

Alien Baltan, a Space Ninja,, the survivors of their first conflict with Ultraman which resulted in them losing over half of their numbers along with their spaceship. The Alien Baltans equipped itself with new abilities including the Spergen Reflector in order to defend itself against Ultraman.

Seeking an opportunity to invade the Earth and get revenge against Ultraman, one Alien Baltan attacked the spaceship Otori, sent to investigate Venus. Alien Baltan possessed the pilot, Dr Mōri, and when the SSSP are sent to rescue the ship, it lures Captain Muramatsu, Hayata, and Arashi to Planet R while its brethren invade the Earth and attack Tokyo.

Hayata transforms into Ultraman after being lured to Planet R and fights the lone Alien Baltan. It reflects Ultraman’s Spacium Beam back at him with its Spergen Reflector, but is defeated by Ultraman’s Ultra Slash. The remaining group of Alien Baltan on Earth fuse together into one giant alien, but they are defeated after Ultraman uses his teleportation ability to return to Earth and attacks with his Ultra Slash and Spacium Beam.


Also known as: the Space Ninja
Height: micro - 50m
Weight: 0 - 15,000t

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