A Kaiju that lives in the depths of the ocean and feeds on oil. Pestar has two starfish-shaped stomachs on both sides of its body that can store large amounts of oil, and it attacks by spraying flames from its mouth.

After attacking oil fields and oil tankers sailing by Iran and other Middle-Eastern countries, Pestar headed into the ocean in search of more oil and arrived in Japan. It lay hidden in the ocean depths near Tokyo Bay and attacked oil tankers while emitting a mysterious blue light.

Eventually, Pestar was lured out of hiding when the SSSP scattered oil barrels as bait around the bay area, and they attacked Pestar with their Jet VTOL. Pestar countered with a flamethrower attack which ignited the oil into a sea of flame and it came ashore.

Pestar then attacked an oil refinery and set it on fire, but was weakened by the intense heat and then a rocket attack from the SSSP. Ultraman finishes it off by firing his Spacium Beam.


Alias: Oil-Monster
Height: 50m
Weight: 25,000t

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