A computer life-form discovered by the engineer Richard Marlin. Dada attacks with his Arm Laser and possesses psychokinetic and teleportation abilities.

Richard wanted to get revenge on Nuronet Industries for firing him, so he uploaded Dada to the company PC network where Dada learns about how life-forms are made. Dada abducted more and more people into the computer and reconstructed their cells to create a carbon-based body of his own.

Dad also turned on Richard and encased the company building in his Dada Field. Then, he turns two of the company employees into new Dada bodies. The WINR members also got stuck inside the Dad Field until Kenichi Kai transformed into Ultraman Powered. The three Dada merge and turn into a giant form. Dada used psychokinesis abilities to attack Powered like throwing cars at the Ultra. However, Powered used his Mega Spacium Beam to destroy the company building’s power generator. Dada lost the source of his energy and disappeared, no longer able to sustain a physical form.


Alias: Three-Faced Phantom
Height: 0 - 56m
Weight: 0 - 10,000t

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