A monster that was created when Air Force Lieutenant Jamilare Miller was muted by a mysterious lifeform he encountered near Jupiter while aboard humanity’s first manned Jupiter research vessel. The lifeform took over Jamir’s consciousness, and he began attacking indiscriminately after losing his sense of self.

Jamilare turned to Earth out of a deep desire to reunite with his daughter, Karen. Jamir initially was able to remain himself and in human form, but when he saw Government agents try to kidnap Karen, he transformed into a monster right before Kenichi Kai and Julie Young. Now a monster, he trampled cars and then disappeared.

Later the Government took Karen hostage in a plan to weaponize Jamilare. Captain Essex used Karen to lure Jamilare out, but Jamir went on a monster rampage after being shot with a tranquilizer dart. The captain and his agents tried to escape in a car but Jamilarecrushed them, car and all, and then he continued his rampage.

Ultraman Powered arrived to fight, so Jamilare used his powerful arms to pin the Ultra down. Karen was able to convince Jamilare to regain his sense of humanity and resist the monster, and asked Powered to end his misery. Finally, Jamilare was hit with a Mega Specium Beam and explodes.


Alias: Planet-Dwelling Monster
Height: 60m
Weight: 18,000t

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