A mountain kaiju, who was in a slumber for more than a thousand years at Mt. Kirino. Mt. Kirino used to have an old small shrine which was said to appease the mountain deity. However, around Mt. Kirino now is an exercise area for the GGF and the small shrine was removed during the installation of a counter-kaiju combat railgun, the Mega Shot. Because of this, the seal broke and Dorgo was awakened with the uncontrollable Mega Shot on its back. Not only does Dorgo shoot out a strong lightning bolt from the tip of his nose, two Mega Shot cannons on its back have a self-defense mechanism which will aim at the enemy who is trying to harm Dorgo.

Having just awakened from its long sleep, Dorgo drank all of the water in the swamp behind it and made a big yawn and slept soon after, however this is just a shallow sleep for bodily function adjustment, and it woke up again after about an hour. Ichinoji village, a village located at the base of Mt. Kirino, retained a picture scroll depicting the guardian deity “Dorgo” who enriches the soil and purifies the water around it. The paper was torn up with images of Dorgo sleeping in the mountains and Dorgo rampaging through the village when he was angry, but the rest of the scroll existed in the database of a science museum. The remaining portion of the scroll depicts a priest from the Heian period putting a statue of a god into the back of a rampaging Dorgo to put it to sleep. The idol, which was believed to have anesthetic properties, was embedded in a hollow in the spine, where a shrine had been built.

The shrine had been removed, but the deity was still present in the trash from the construction work, so SKaRD used Earth Garon to disable the Mega Shot, and Anri, a member of SKaRD who is from Ichinoji Village, placed the idol in the hollow of Dorgo’s spine and put Dorgo into hibernation. Blazar picked up the hibernating Dorgo, returned it to its original location, and flew away into the sky.



Alias: The Mountain Kaiju
Height: 69 meters
Weight: 65,000 tons

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