A mysterious molluscan kaiju with impressive regenerative abilities. It has elongated arms and a bud-shaped head. Leviera suddenly appeared three months ago and there have been eight confirmed sightings so far, but the source of its origin and the reason for its attacks remain unknown. Even when attacked by GGF's missiles, the wounded parts regenerate in an instant.

The only effective way to deal with this kaiju is through a new type of sterilizing antimicrobial called FK1, manufactured by the major chemical company Novaio. When military drones spray this toxic-colored antimicrobial, the kaiju starts to suffer, transforming into an amoeba-like state, melting into the ground, and escaping underground. Unfortunately, FK1 does not deal a lethal blow to Leviera, and the kaiju retreats to an underground giant cultivation dome built deep beneath Novaio's main research building, following its instinct to return.

The president of Novaio, Hiroshi Sonezaki, has a past related to the GGF Chemical Department. He cultivated cell samples of extraterrestrial life that had strong regenerative abilities stolen from GGF and synthesized it with man-made sea angels that were artificially enhanced to eradicate harmful fish. Furthermore, he conducted genetic modifications on Leviera to make it despite FK1. However, Leviera's resistance to FK1 developed at a speed far beyond expectations, and the effect of FK1 faded rapidly.

In the first battle, SKaRD deployed a strategy involving newly equipped ampule rounds to directly inject FK1 into Leviera's body, but the amoeba-like Leviera managed to escape. However, in the second encounter on Novaio's premises, they managed to prevent Leviera from turning into an amoeba by striking it with a liquid nitrogen tank, freezing it.

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Alias: The molluscan kaiju
Height: 0 - 55 meters
Weight: 0 - 30,000 tons

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