A robot kaiju whose entire body is covered with spiny scales, sent to Earth for invasion.

It flew in disguised as a meteorite made out of tilsonite, a space metal that does not exist on Earth. Called the “Garadama,” the meteor flies in when a summoning device is triggered. If there is a malfunction on this device when Garamon arrives, Cicadaman, who controls Garamon, will either use a special gadget called Esperizer that can shoot telekinetic-like energy or use strange sound waves to remotely control the electronic brain of Garamon.

The spiny scales that are a distinctive feature of Garamon's appearance are also made of tilsonite. When Garamon leaps and strikes with its body, it will even damage the armor of Earth Garon. In addition, when its long claws on both arms clash violently, it can release a shockwave attack together with an unpleasant ultra high frequency sound.



Alias: The Robot Kaiju
Height: 40 meters
Weight: 60,000 tons

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