Nijikagachi is a legendary kaiju that people have worshiped since ancient times, and its name means "rainbow snake god."

It sometimes brings bountiful rain and at other times becomes a god of destruction, taking away everything in its path. As the legend says, "When a multitude of rainbows shine in the sky, it will appear.", there was a week-long phenomenon throughout the country where an upside-down rainbow appeared in the sky, indicating the appearance of Nijikagachi.

This phenomenon was caused by the ritual performed by Professor Kazunori Yokomine, a former professor at the GGF Academy and a leading expert in kaijuology.

When Nijikagachi opens its mouth and absorbs the air, pressure in the atmosphere drops sharply and rain clouds develop, eventually leading to storms and forming up to seven typhoons. Its forehead is usually covered by armor, when opened, the crystal on the forehead emits a rainbow ray of light that burns everything, even Ultraman Blazar’s Spiral Burrade. The tip of its tail is shaped like a sword.



Alias: The Iridescent Kaiju
Height: 60 meters
Weight: 45,000 tons

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